MeHi! My name is Akim Fimin.

I’m a freelance digital matte painter and also web and flash designer at Kaspersky Lab company. I had worked as a matte artist and retoucher for such companies and brands as Ferrari, Technicolor, Zippo, Reverie World Studios (Dawn Of Fantasy game). I’ve got a few awards in 3dtotal matte painting and cg challenges. Now I’m working as a matte painter for feature film.

While I was a kid I’ve always was inspired by computer games and cinema. After I had finish a school, I started to educate the computer science. During my studies I started to get involved in things like digital painting, retouching, flash animation and 3d. So, when I finished a University I started to work as web, media and flash designer. In last few years I’ve opened for myself the world of concept art and matte painting. As a flash designer I’m also learning compositing as well. The matte painting for me is an art which gives me the maximum of creative freedom. In every work here you should pay attention to composition, colors and photorealism illusion at the same time. It’s an amazing feeling when you working on movie shots in the team. Everyone doing their best and, as the result, you can see how the final picture become a pleasure for eye.

If you need any informations about my works, just write me. I’m also opened for any interesting offers and ready to join any projects if you need my help.




White Guard DMP Breakdown